The Hustle Newsletter and why you need to be a subscriber.

The Hustle Lead Page.

If you haven’t heard of The Hustle newsletter, then this is an excellent opportunity for me to share what it is and who it is for.

In the beginning, as I understand it, The Hustle was born out of the founder Sam Parr’s approach through email in promoting his HustleCon conference he was organising around start-up founders. Through this exercise from his responses, he soon realised this opportunity to connect with millennials (through email), and today has about 1.5 million subscribers.

Today, The Hustle is a daily newsletter sent via good old fashioned email with curated insights on the important news in business, tech, and culture that is read by well over 1 million people a day in an easy to consume format.

You can personalise your topics, choosing as many of the following as you’d like;

  • Clean Energy: Stories on climate change, clean energy, and start-ups.
  • Emerging Tech: Scientific breakthroughs and cutting-edge tech from around the world
  • Ecommerce & Retail: DTC brands, the e-commerce industry, and consumer goods.
  • Privacy Issues: Tech and privacy policy, data breaches and data privacy.
  • Fintech & Cryptocurrency: The latest on cryptocurrency, fintech start-ups, markets, and digital banking.
  • Big Tech: Happenings from FAANG and large technology companies.
  • My First Million Podcast: The latest updates from the My First Million Podcast Twitter and Youtube channel
  • The Hustle Picks: Selected stories, social posts, and videos from The Hustle social team.

As you can understand, there is a massive amount of information out there, with many other news platforms competing for your attention, ‘fighting’ to be the one to hand it to you.

What separates The Hustle from the rest of the crowd is its ability to make professional news fun.

“I find The Hustle to be the perfect intersection of informative, witty, and timely.”
- Scott Belsky, CPO at Adobe

I first became a subscriber in early 2018 after an influencer (I don’t remember who) recommended and professed its great value and insight in the tech and entrepreneurial culture. So, like anyone who felt interested to see what the newsletter was all about for themselves, I quickly saw how insightful and engaging the content was, and sure enough, I was sold on it.

I never really had a newsletter that would not just give me the news, but news that is so informative and engaging with the emphasis of entrepreneurial aspirations and encouragement (culture).

After committing to the subscription via the confirmation email, I immediately factored in this newsletter in my routine. As I use Spark as my preferred email app (for both my MacBook and iPhone), Spark (you can get it free here) gives me the ability to set up a ‘smart folder’ which acts like a pre-set filter pinned to my favourites in the side bar. This allows for quick access to the newsletter in the app. So, when I click this folder, it will give me all and only the Hustle newsletters. (I have this same structure for other subscriptions too.)

This is a practical approach for quick access as it gives me the ability to go straight to the newsletter without having to sift through my inbox or type in the search box during my set email time, especially at any given time.

In a world where attention is fought for amoungst all the chaos of life, The Hustle is definitely one to have in my circle of attention.

The Hustle is one of THEE top newsletters in my ‘kit’ for its niche topics resonated with my interest and its conversational casual tone that engages and retains my attention.

The Hustle’s voice makes professional news fun.

Just as this was recommended to me, I too would recommend this to you to see for yourself, and you can do so by clicking here and get your news fix already.



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